Winter is the season for sweaters, blankets and some cups of hot coffee. Some of us even go for winter shopping to fight against the colder months, don’t you think our horses deserve the same treatment to stay warm in such cold months. Like you take care of your health in winter your horses also deserve the same kind of care from you. Here are some tips to prepare your horse to cope with such colder months.

Increase the amount of calorie

Calorie stands for energy. Let your horse gain some calories this winter. Increase the amount of food that contains carbohydrates. Such foods are easy to digest and proper digestion of food will lead to more energy and warmness. Providing more food to your horse would turn into more energy that your horse needs to stay active and healthy in winter.

Supply more hot water

Keeping the PH-balance of the body accurate is essential for your horse’s health. Winter doesn’t mean your horse is allowed to drink less water. Rather make your horse drink more water. Supply warm water to your horse. Let the temperature of water reach 45 degrees. Supplying such warm water more than 2-3 times would be ideal to keep your horse healthy and warm even in such cold seasons.

Make your horseware Stable Rugs

No matter how cold the season is you shouldn’t be careless about your horse’s comfort. Stable rugs are highly comfortable that allows horses to breath well. Such rugs can be available in different materials. In winter, when temperature drops down your horse needs something heavy but comfortable and here comes this amazing rug. These rugs let the horse stay warm even on the long nights of winter. Also, the pleats of such rugs are flexible enough that allow your horse to move anyhow they wish.

Arrange a shelter that has shade

Snowfall is a common dilemma of winter evenings. Do arrange a shelter for your horse that is covered by shade. Don’t let your horse stand outside during the snowfall. This could hamper your horse’s health very badly and you definitely don’t want this to happen.

Winter can be the most amazing season if we take care of ourselves and our pets in a serious manner. The above instructions should be followed to keep your horse healthy in a snowy season like winter. Also consult a specialist for medications if needed.