Whether it is an office setup, factory or a warehouse clean-up, fit out or a renovation, skip hire in St Albans has the right size available for you.

Our Big bins are available in all the sizes appropriate for all the types of wastes ranging from 15 cubic metres to 12 cubic metres with a wheelbarrow access to almost all the skips.

Skip hire St Albans can easily deliver you one or several bins at any time to manage the different types of wastes. It is also highly cost effective and can also provide bins for the collection of the recyclables on a casual or permanent basis as required.

The skips can be extremely useful for various types of commercial setups such as the building/property managers, shops/commercial outlets, government departments, factory storerooms, retirement homes, shopping centres, strata managers, schools and offices etc.

The residential areas also need the skips for the proper management of various kinds of wastes. It is helpful in managing the garden waste, household cleanup, home renovation, or while moving a house. For all these kinds of needs and others the Skip hire at Albans has the right size bin readily available.

It is convenient to place these skips in the driveway or at any other appropriate place easily. In case the bin needs to be placed somewhere outside such as the nature strip or a highway, it is recommended and necessary to have a permit from the local council to place the bin in a public area.

Almost all the waste from our skip hire is processed and all waste is sorted by either a machine or by hand and is divided into recyclable items such as cardboard, paper, Ferrous metals, soils, glass, UPVC, non-Ferrous metals and wood etc.  And the small amount of the leftover waste which cannot be recycled is disposed of in a licensed landfill.

Though the skips take most of the domestic or commercial waste but there are some items which are not allowed. These materials can be dangerous and are not recommended to be put into the skip. Some of the materials which have been deemed   hazardous by the environment agency and should not be placed into the bin are asbestos, TV screens, computer monitors, batteries, fuel, fuel filters, oil filters, oil and lubricants, adhesives, toners, fridges, computers, thinners, paint, cleaning chemicals, food waste, gas bottles, resins, explosives, used absorbents, tyres, liquid chemicals, photo chemicals, animal by-products and contaminated soils etc.

There are some precautions which need to be taken care while putting up a skip hire St Albans in driveways or public areas:-

The private driveways may not be constructed in such a way that it can take the weight of a loaded skip lorry and hence might damage the driveway when the skip is collected.

Generally the households are not constructed to accommodate a skip. The access to the domestic property might not be of a width to allow a large vehicle and hence while manoeuvring some damage might happen to the property. So hire our services and forget about the wastes.