As a homeowner you are likely to spend most of your time away from work in your residence.  You will more than likely be proud of your premises and want to uphold its value and attractiveness to yourself and others.  At some point you may even wish to consider expanding it to make more space for you and your family. If this does happen there are many options available to you including adding an extension to the property, or completely redesigning your existing space to create the additional space required.  

One option that you may want to consider first is a loft extension.  Loft extensions are a great way to make space in your property, with minimal disruption too, and they have a range of benefits attached to them, some of which include:

Adding Value to your Property

Property experts have in the past agreed and said that loft conversions can increase the value of your property by up to as much as 20%.  There is no other form of home improvement available that costs so little comparatively when compared with the increase of value in your property.

Saving Money & Time

Perhaps you were thinking of moving property to get more space – you don’t have to!  A loft conversion will create the space you need, and save you from having to fork out on solicitor costs, stamp duty, rising property costs, and also the hassle of having to relocate your family.  Not only that, but a loft conversion usually costs less per square metre than your normal extension would be.

Time-wise, a loft conversion will often take less time to complete than a standard extension because it isn’t at the mercy of the weather with it being inside.

A Room with a View

As the loft is usually one of the highest points of your property, having a conversion will allow you to have a living space that could offer you the best view of your locality (location dependent), and will create extra lighting for the room itself.

If you are looking to make your property more spacious and want to investigate the possibility of converting your loft, take a look online to find reputable tradesmen and businesses in your area that can complete the work for you.  

If you happen to live around the Surrey region, please head on over to Surrey Lofts, found at who will showcase the features and benefits of loft conversions on their website along with methods of contacting them so that you can discuss the potential requirements you have.

For an informal chat about loft conversions, ring Surrey Lofts today!

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