Slab leak causes huge damage for many American homes and costs the homeowners millions of dollars in terms of repair bills. However, despite the many problems which slab leak can cause, few people actually know how to spot a potential problem with Houston slab leak detection.

There are many signs which point to slab leak:

Of course, the first clear and visible sign of a leak is often water on the ground. However many people can trace their leak further back to a higher than normal water bill or wet spots they cannot explain.

Sadly, many ignore or haven’t the time to investigate these early warning signs and may not be able to act in time to prevent slab leak becoming a problem for them. Many may not realize there is a problem until they find large amounts of water rising from the slab floor of their home,

Should this happen, there are a number of steps to take. The first step is to establish where the water is coming from. A leak from somewhere inside the home is less severe than slab leak, therefore it’s important to check all faucets, toilets, showers and other places where water could be coming from. The next thing to do is to check the water meter. Most meters have a built in leak detector and if this is moving, even slightly then it points to a problem. If shutting the water off stops the detector then it’s likely that the problem lies in the service line to a fixture, however, if the indicator does not stop moving then it’s likely that the problem lines on the service line coming into the property.

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