Shelving does not always have to focus solely on aesthetic value. It can be functional and durable instead. However, it is still possible to use such practical shelves to good visual effect. This is possible because good quality books can look special themselves, even when they are placed on quite basic supports. It is only possible to get this result if a degree of skill is used when arranging the books.

Art and photography books deserve attention

Novels which have been bought for the beach do not always need to be shown off. It is not always likely that visitors will be impressed by them. In many cases, they can be stored quite safely out of view. In contrast, books on art and photography will often look very attractive if they are displayed adequately. It is not necessary to keep them in the same position all the time. People can have a lot of fun by experimenting. Books can be put in layers or arranged according to colour, for example.

The rest of the room must be considered

When arranging books, it is essential that the surrounding space is not ignored because it would be a shame to waste any effort you put in to making them look good. For instance, the presence of a television may mean that a display idea has to be adjusted. Similarly, the colour of walls may influence the way in which the books are ultimately ordered.

Practice is central to displaying books effectively. Simply seeing what works well in a diversity of flats and houses can also make a big difference.

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