If you are looking for a way to provide your family with an endless supply of cheap hot water installing a tankless water heater is definitely a good idea. These systems can provide savings of up to 30% over more traditional hot water systems, so are a great idea. However, there are things you need take into consideration before buying one.

Bigger Upfront Costs

If you simply want to bring hot water to a shed or the garage, the cost of the system is quite low because a large heat exchanger is not needed. However, if you want a whole house system you will normally have to pay more for a tankless water heater than you would for a traditional water tank. Most people do not view this as an issue because they know that the savings they make on fuel will quickly cover the extra upfront costs.

Most need to be ventilated

Most tankless water heaters need to be ventilated. This fact can limit where you can put the tank, so they are not suitable for every residence or workplace.

If you are interested and want to find out more about tankless water heaters, speak to a plumber that covers the area you live in. Reeves Family Plumbing of Carrollton sells tankless water heaters. For over 51 years, they have been offering people in the Dallas area a wide range of hot water systems, including tankless water heaters powered by gas, propane or electric.

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