If you have been injured in a dog attack and you are thinking about making a claim, you probably have many questions – chiefly about how long the claims process will take, and how much compensation you could be entitled to.

And so below you will find information covering these aspects of the claims process, to help you get the justice that you deserve and the compensation that you are owed.

Timeframes for dog bite claims

While some dog bite claims can be processed in as little as 6-8 weeks with a reputable law firm, the reality is most claims take several months.

The fact is this – dog bite claims take considerable investigation before they can reach a positive outcome. The dog owner has to be tracked down firstly, and then a case has to be built which proves that the owner’s dog caused your injuries. The good news is the law is on your side as the victim of a dog attack, but the claims process is a complicated one.

Compensation amounts for dog bites

The amount of compensation you could be awarded for your dog bite depends on the extent of your injuries, and also how your injuries had and will affect your life. Generally speaking, the worse your injuries are and the bigger the affect they will have on you long-term, then the more financial compensation you can realistically expect.

It’s also important to point out that the other side may contest your claim’s value, if the settlement demand you put forward is not fair and proportionate to your level of pain and suffering. So for instance, a claim for £50,000 for a minor dog bite injury would be rejected.

In addition to this, The Judicial Studies Board has set out guidelines for dog bite compensation which lawyers look to when determining a settlement demand. Now, these do not form the whole basis of a settlement demand, but they are useful for people who want to know generally what they can expect. The guidelines are as follows:

  • For injuries which cause a number of noticeable laceration scars or a single disfiguring scar, a pay-out of £5,430 to £16,250 is recommended;
  • For injuries which cause a number of superficial scars or some or several minor cosmetic scars, a payout of £1,680 to £5,430 is recommended.

More information about the guidelines for dog bite compensation can be found here – https://www.accidentadvicehelpline.co.uk/pages/much-compensation-can-get-dog-bite/.

When determining your pay-out, your solicitor will consider how your injuries will affect your personal and professional life, and furthermore, any medical rehabilitation setbacks such as infection or failed surgeries to reconstruct nerve damage will be taken into account.

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