Solid wood floors are very durable and so perfectly suited for households that have high footfall, such as family homes or shared accommodation. Wood, as a natural material, has a life of its own, and its aesthetic will vary throughout its lifetime. If you want to ensure that your wood remains in a healthy, attractive condition there are various things you can do. Here are five tips:

Anything hard or durable can scratch, mark or scuff a wooden floor. This includes footwear and so you might encourage those in your household to take off their shoes when they’re in the house. The same goes for furniture, and you can protect from abrasions by covering the tips of furniture legs.

Vacuum your wood floors to remove dirt and dust. Again, be careful not to do this too vigorously as it could damage the aesthetics of the floor.Water can have a very negative effect on wood floors London and so you should remove any liquid spillages ASAP.Whilst wood floors are just as functional as carpets, you might still use rugs to protect solid wood flooring especially in areas of high footfall, such as hallways.

Finally, ensure that you inspect your wooden floor from time to time and where you notice serious damage you should seek professional advice.