Wood flooring is very beautiful and this is the main reason why home-owners choose it to furnish their homes. There are other benefits too, and solid wood flooring is both actually and ostensibly very durable, although it is not entirely impervious to harm. Overtime, without the right course of action, a wooden floor can lose its lustre, become scratched or marked and generally lose years off its lifespan.

The first tip is the most simple: keep your floors clean. Whilst your wood floor might not be threatened by a little bit of dirt, overtime a build up of dust and dirt can cause a problem and effect the lustre of the wood. Your floor’s ability to retain its lustre will depend, in part, on how the floor is finished, if it is oiled or unfinished for example.

Not many homeowners realise this but a wooden floor can be affected by UV light. In practical terms, this means that sunlight can overtime cause a floor to lose its lustre. This will be a very gradual effect, however you can guard against it simply by putting blinds on the walls, especially in rooms with a high intake of light.

The way you use floors is also very important. Floors are hardy, again especially if they are finished in a particular way, however they can be affected by scuffs. With this in mind, be careful when placing or moving furniture on wooden floors and also take into account the harm that certain kinds of shoes can do.

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