One of the many options of garage door designs available is roller garage doors. These are doors that fold neatly into space in the wall of your garage door opening, rolling up and down as needed. This is an option that every garage door buyer would want to consider as there are several advantages to it. Some of these are listed below:

Using less space

Roller garage doors, especially those of the shutter variety, take up next to zero space as compared to other styles of garage doors. Since the door will disappear into the wall, this allows your car to go through easily.  


There is a large variety of choices that customers have among roller garage doors, especially when one consider the number of manufacturers available. There are many companies out there who have a remarkable number of choices that you can select from.

Even in the doors themselves, there are two main choices that the buyer enjoys; one layer and double-layered doors. These choices can make sure that a roller garage door falls within the client’s budgets and priorities.

  • One layer door: This is good when a customer has basic expectations from a garage door; they can be easily operated manually, and ideal for a project on a tight budget. However, they can’t help with making a noise and don’t provide much security, and the lack of insulation would not ensure climate control in the garage.
  • Double layer door: This contains insulation filled layers and will wind up tightly, thus increasing the altitude of the garage door opening. This door runs on electric power and thus will be more secure than a single skin. It also glides more smoothly and insulates the garage interior against noise, heat, and cold. However, one must keep in mind that such doors do not come cheap; and if they do, they will need to be replaced very quickly, it is not advisable to go for cheap knockoffs when it comes to double skinned roller garage doors.

Additional options:

It’s not over yet; the roller garage door holds several more options!

  • There can be sections cut into the door to let get the natural light in and allow air to move around, ensuring that your garage doesn’t get musty or suffocating.
  • Smartphone apps are now available to allow you to open and shut your roller garage door from your phone. These also alert you if a break-in is suspected, and can also automatically close your door for you if you forget.
  • There are several colors and finishing options available for roller garage doors. These include a large palette of long lasting standard colors. If not colors, then clients can also opt for a wooden finish in many shades and effects to mimic the finishes of several types of real wood. Check with the companies to see the samples available!

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