For the majority of customer-facing, commercial businesses – particularly in the business to consumer or services market – brand is everything. Not only is it important in the marketing and PR world, but it is also important when you consider your office space.

The importance of brand

Brand is a symbol of recognition and reach, and a signifier of certain values – creativity, trust, delivery and pride, for example. A marketing-savvy business will take all opportunities to promote and extend the brand in targeted, consistent ways accordingly, to drive forward customer engagement, acquisition and retention. This means considering every single touchpoint that a business customer will have – whether online, in print, via a service, or within a physical space.

Physical space and branding

Certainly, branding is more commonly associated with traditional promotional activities such as marketing flyers and brochures, events, PR and social media – but physical spaces are also key to the maintenance of a brand. Consider office space as a key example. For businesses that have customers, suppliers, partners – and of course, staff – working on their premises, a strong brand presence will help to drive forward marketing aims. This is why the creative, media, technology and financial sectors in particular pay great attention to the branding and presentation of their office spaces, to ensure a consistent brand experience and to treat the physical space as an extension of the overall customer experience.

What does this mean for business owners?

If you have – or are looking to invest in some of the office space London has to offer then it is worth selecting a site that will allow you to have creative freedom over your interior. Particularly with long-term and individual leases, most landlords will be happy to see interiors improved and smartened with decoration – although they are likely to want to approve proposed development plans. Even some flexible and serviced office accommodations will allow certain levels of company branding within a hired space – such as signage.

If the space is your own, then look to add your branding to walls and entry points such as receptions. Consider a colour scheme that will reinforce the brand, as well as other elements. For example, if your business is a tax advisory service, then you will want to invest in high quality meeting spaces and accessories that display your professionalism and suit your client base. If you are a creative agency, then you will want a space that allows your staff to work flexibly and to generate ideas, and you may wish to have a fairly ‘deconstructed’ office with breakout areas, funky play and creative spaces, media and interactive elements or something entirely unique to your own business.

Look to bring light, space, colour and energy into the office by implementing a clear desk policy, using carefully chosen colours, adding plants, maximising natural light and by organising desks so that there are clear breakout areas and wide walkways. If you have a reception area, make it customer friendly and welcoming, with reading materials, refreshments and a receptionist if necessary. Consider refreshments, meeting spaces, access points and bathrooms. Every aspect of your office will help to make or break that brand engagement and customer experience – don’t leave it to chance!

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