In the UK we are fairly lucky in that power outages are relatively rare. However, they do happen from time to time. When you’re on the grid you are necessarily vulnerable to glitches that could lead to a power outage. Of course, there are plenty of other things that could cause power outage too, for instance power cables leading up to your property or business premises might become damaged.

The best solution if you’re worried about power outages affecting your home or your business premises is to choose a back-up generator. Back-up generators can be used when the mains power is out and you don’t want to experience any loss of power.

Look online for more information about industrial generators and domestic generators and you’ll find lots of advice. You’ll also find a lot of products, including some more affordable generators such as reconditioned models.

A generator has lots of advantages whether we’re talking about generators for business or domestic usage:
Stationary generators are almost impossible to steal because they’re so heavy.

Generating power off the mains allows you to continue doing business even in the event of a power outage.

If, for example, you have products stored in freezers then these will be preserved if you have an ongoing power supply.

One of the problems with buying a generator is that they are very technical things and there’s a lot of jargon surrounding them. If you’re worried about this you can consult with generator suppliers who will be able to advise you in simpler terms.

One very important thing to consider is safety. Portable generators can become a real safety hazard because they give out carbon monoxide.  With this in mind, if you’re using a portable generator it needs to be stored well away from the home or business premises.

In order to ensure that you’re buying the right generator model then it is important to try and calculate how much back up power you need. This can be difficult; however it means you only by the right wattage generator as you need.


Will you opt for a portable generator or a stationery generator? Most home run generators are portable as these tend to be more versatile and more affordable.

However, stationery generators have their advantages too, they are harder to steal and they are more reliable. For long term business usage stationery generators are very popular, one of the reasons for this is that they kick in automatically when the power goes out, which means continuity for your power supply.

Generators are indeed an investment. They are not necessarily as expensive as you might think they are. For example, you can get used models which are considerably cheaper than new models. By talking to a generator supplier you can get guaranteed reconditioned models.

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