Many types of furniture are typically based in one kind of room or another. For example, the wardrobe is associated with the bedroom and coffee tables are usually to be found in the living room. Bookshelves are not like that at all. They can work very well in a wide variety of rooms. Their versatility is such that they can combine looking great with doing an important job.

Open bookcases of the past and present

For many years, books have been displayed to good advantage in open structures. The best systems allow the books themselves to get their share of the attention of the viewer. Despite this being the age of the e-book, traditional books have not gone away. Instead, genuine booklovers typically appreciate both formats because of the charms of the paper book.

Book display as book storage

If conventional books are not looked after properly then they will not remain in good condition for too long. Keeping them on display can help to ensure that they are kept free from dust and other potential causes of damage. Valuable books certainly should not be left around in cardboard boxes.

Different types of book deserve respect

Some people like to leave expensive books on coffee tables, but this approach may risk them being affected by a spilled drink. It also is often impractical to put out some types of book in this way. Many paperbacks are worth storing and displaying, but they will not usually look the part on a coffee table.

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