All the major urban centers in the North West have seen more new build flats go up. These apartment blocks offer a new way of living. City centers are now mixed use thanks to this exciting new trend. People no longer have to live out in the suburbs and travel into the city center to enjoy all the facilities and entertainment on offer.

Owning a unit in an apartment block is very different to owning a house though. When a property is leasehold each resident pays a monthly or quarterly service charge to cover maintenance of the communal areas and the outside of the building. This is a sector that’s notorious for being unregulated. Too many residential property management companies fail to discharge their responsibilities properly. Residents feel that they are paying over the odds for a poor level of service. Their requests for additional work and repairs go ignored for months. They just feel like they’re getting nothing back for their money.

Not every apartment building community realizes that they have a degree of choice in the matter. They don’t just have to put up with it. They’re perfectly entitled to switch to another company offering block management in the North West. A company that takes its responsibilities seriously and offers a better level of service.

Too many residents assume that this entails a whole load of hassle. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s no complicated paperwork or process involved making the switch. If the managing agents aren’t delivering then it could be time for a change.