The city of Manchester has changed hugely overly the last decade. There’s been so much development, especially in the city center  It’s a truly modern city and one of the main hubs in the North West. People flock to the city to live and work.

Like many other urban centers in the UK, Manchester has seen the rise of city center living. New apartment blocks have sprung up. People have moved in from the suburbs to enjoy a very different way of living. All of the attractions and facilities of the city are right on their doorstep. For younger singletons especially it’s a great way to live.

Living in an apartment block is not without its problems though. Block management in Manchester can leave a lot to be desired. Residents pay a monthly or quarterly service charge to cover maintenance of the communal areas and the outside of the building. It should be a straightforward enough arrangement, but many property management companies leave a lot to be desired in their dealings with residents.

It’s an unregulated sector and some firms just don’t deliver. They fail to respond to requests and queries from the residents and offer a very shoddy level of service. Residents feel trapped because they don’t always realize they have a choice. Switching property management companies in Manchester are actually a lot more straightforward than many people realize. Why put up with it any longer? If it’s time for a change then investigate new managing agents. Making the switch is easier than people think.