Churchill crockery has long been established as one of the leading tableware manufacturers. They have been around since 1795 and have adapted over the hundreds of years to offer people the best when it comes to elegant pottery. The company now has its pottery used in over 70 countries across the world in some of the best establishments. Churchill pottery is definitely an investment in timeless quality.

One of their most famous designs is the blue on white oriental scenes that come to life with imagination. These plates have an effortless quality while being dishwasher and microwave safe. With platters available for under £10 each, they are also highly affordable. This particular design is a classic that has been around for quite a few years, which shows Churchill’s commitment to its designs. Ultimately, this can allow shoppers to replace and add to their collections over time until they have a full set. The entire set usually includes milk jugs, teapots, butter dishes, sugar bowls, gravy boats, teacups and saucers on top of the usual bowls and dishes.

Having a complete set is really something to be proud of, not to mention the fact that owner’s can then sell the entire set on so long as they have kept it in a good condition. Fortunately, with Churchill this is an easy task due to their high manufacturing quality that will stand up to bangs, rarely chipping. The Churchill range is based on having a resistance to chemicals, thermal shock and scratching.

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