Every day around a dozen pubs are closing every week in the UK. There are many reasons behind this, from the rises in beer tax to a general decrease in people visiting pubs. In many ways, then, there’s never been a more difficult time to open a pub. All is not lost, however, and there are still plenty of ways to improve footfall into your establishment:

Communicate with Local Breweries

One area of the pub scene that is not suffering is local breweries. In fact, there is a real trend for real ales produced in one of many UK small breweries. As a pub, people generally visit you to enjoy a pint of the good stuff. If you partner with a brewery or at least research those in your local area you can begin offering the very best from these smaller breweries, which will undoubtedly draw people into your premises.

Apply for a Music License

People don’t just go to the pub to enjoy a swift half or so but they may also go for entertainment. There are various music licensing laws you might want to look up, and you can do this by looking online, specifically at the direct Gov and local authority websites.

Become a Gastro-pub and Serve Food

People are beginning to expect different things from their local pubs. More and more pubs are becoming gastro pubs and beginning to serve food. Although transforming your establishment into a gastro pub can be difficult, it can ensure your drinking establishment is able to survive long into the future.

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