Flowers are one of the essential items in any wedding. No matter whether it is boutonnière, bouquets , centerpieces or any other arrangements. There is no option to make wedding awesome without including flowers. Wedding flowers not only set the tone of an occasion but also are the best way to elaborate your own style.

Flowers are God gifted elements so, they are available in an abundant amount. But it is well said that “nothing is free in the world”. So, to make your wedding awe-inspiring, you have to buy flowers. Some of the florists offer Flower Delivery Sunday in London and some aren’t. Thus, make sure before ordering flowers.

To make your wedding royal, just pick flowers from below-given categories…

  • Rose

Meaning : Roses define love, joy and beauty

Colors : red, yellow, white, pink, orange, stripped roses, black

Roses are the most famous wedding flowers since so many years. However, these ruffled flowers are available in so many elegant colors and they are the best flowers used for boutonnières, bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Roses give a pleasant look with any other floral accent.  

  • Tulip

Meaning : It denotes passion, memory, declaration of love and happy moments

Colors : yellow, white, red, purple, peach, magenta, orange

Tulip is a star-shaped flower that is available in various bold hues. However, the bright hues of tulip make it most adorable for the spring weddings. Tulip can be used in boutonnière, bouquets and centerpieces but they can also be used in a mix flowers.

  • Peony

Meaning : happiness, determination, beauty, bashfulness

Colors : cream, pink, burgundy, white, peach

Peonies are elegantly sweetly fragrant, good-looking, ruffled flowers with fluffy and soft petals. Their large size easily fills the space in bouquet or centerpiece and wedding arches especially for summer weddings. Peony arrangement is a great option but you can use it with rest other foliage and accents.  

  • Ranunculus

Meaning : dazzling charm

Colors : yellow, white, pale pink, dark pink, apricot

Ranunculus is somehow same as roses and peony in the shape. So many times, people get confused between these three types of wedding flowers. However, it is perfect for all types of wedding arrangements from a boutonnière to the centerpieces. Even a simple boutonnière gives a romantic feel.

  • Baby Breath

Meaning : Innocence

Colors : white

Baby breath is a year-round flower. These flowers are tiny ivory flowers that are best used as fillers with other flowers. But from last two years, baby breath bouquets, boutonnière and corsage are getting popular. They are also quite cost effective so those who are looking for a budget-friendly wedding can use these flowers in their centerpieces.

  • Stephanotis

Meaning : it denotes marital happiness, an invitation of love and togetherness

Colors : white

Stephanotis are small star-shaped flowers that are coming in white colors. These are quite popular wedding flowers. They can be brilliantly used on their own, without any accents. Since boutonnière looks too much appealing. It can offer your wedding a traditional look. The combination of these flowers with peonies or roses can give a chic appeal.

  • Hydrangeas

Meaning : devotion, vanity, remembrance

Colors : pink, white, purple, blue, burgundy

Hydrangeas are big bushy flowers that are available in stunning tones. These flowers can be used in various styles to fill the centerpieces for decorating the arches or using them in a cascading style on a wedding cake. All these ideas can give your wedding an awesome look.

Final Thoughts

In this post, you’ve find most amazing flowers with their meanings and colors. Now, it is up to you that which flowers you want to use for your big day. Happy wedding!

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