Blue and white china is widely collected, often for display rather than usage. Blue willow china specifically is the most widely collected kind of blue and white china. If you are considering starting, continuing or completing a collection of blue and white china, then might consider looking for blue willow pieces, perhaps a Blue Willow dinner set made by Churchill.

Blue Willow has been around since the 1700s. It was first manufactured by an Englishman called Joseph Spode. It is find both in blue and white and in the less available white and pink. Today it’s still going strong, and companies like Churchill manufacture Blue Willow sets that are great for collections and day-to-day usage.

One of the notable things about Blue Willow is that no one piece tends to be the same. Whilst you will generally find blue and white patterns, the intricacies of the patterns will differ from piece to piece. Perhaps more than any other kind of blue and white china, Blue Willow has diversified in recent years, and is now produced by a huge range of companies.

Whilst the most valuable Blue Willow pieces are the earliest Staffordshire and Spode varieties, these are very hard to find. Modern sets, that call themselves Blue Willow, are very easily available, and you can find lots of Blue Willow online at very affordable prices. Who knows how much it will be worth in a couple of hundred years time?