Hot air balloon rides are often thought of as a once-in-a-lifetime treat, but they are actually something that can be enjoyed time and time again. The fact that it will be impossible to plan one’s course once the balloon is up in the air means that each and every balloon ride will be different and that such trips will not just take individuals to the highlights of a specific area.

Instead, rare, hidden gems can be spotted from the sky, and even individuals who have spent all their life in a certain place may discover new things about the area they live in and see places of genuine natural beauty they never even realised existed.

In fact, with the right set of circumstances, those taking balloon rides can often see genuine historical sites that are rarely talked about or little known by even historians. And whilst it is unlikely that any balloon flight will throw up brand new geographical discoveries, there will be many sights ready to be seen that will be rare treats for all that witness them.

As such, hot air ballooning is something that can be done time and time again and, since no two trips will ever be the same, individuals will always get to enjoy a new experience no matter where they take off from. So, whether you want to see your home from above or simply wish to find new and exciting locations to visit on foot, there will be far more to ballooning than just the obvious.