The bathroom has the potential to become a very modern and stylish space. Because bathrooms are typically very functional spaces, the most natural aesthetic is often the modern aesthetic. Even where the rest of your home is more neutral or even traditionally designed a modern bathroom really works.

How do you incorporate the modern aesthetic into bathroom spaces? You might consider tiling. Designer bathroom tiles can be used to great effect in modern bathrooms. Wherever you are decorating the walls you’re avoiding taking up floor-space, and this is one of the reasons why use of tiles is so common in bathrooms with particularly modest dimensions.

You need to think carefully about colour. Some colours look more “modern” than others. You might, for example, opt for colours that are reflective or perhaps typically modern colours such as black or grey. There’s a little misconception that a modern bathroom needs to stick to a monochrome design; however this isn’t necessarily the case and you can experiment with different coloured tiles etc.

Another feature of modern design is technology. In the bathroom there is plenty of technology, fittings etc. Features such as your shower head, toilet and sink should all be high quality. For an extremely modern bathroom you might consider a wet-room installation, essentially turning all of your bathroom into the inside of a shower.