The use of tiles has long been a well used method to make bathrooms beautiful. If you ever get the chance to visit somewhere like Pompeii then you’ll notice the extensive use of tiles, typically in a mosaic format. These days tiled bathrooms, despite their prestigious history, can look extremely modern and contemporary – it’s all about how you use them.

Seen as we’ve mentioned it, what about using mosaics? A mosaic is where you use multiple tiles to create one image or design. It can look as impressive now as it ever did in the ancient world. You can use different colours to distinguish the various points of the design.

There are all sorts of different materials that you can use for tiling. For example you can use metallic tiles, stone tiles or glass tiles. You can even mix different kinds of tiles to create novel textures and stunning aesthetics.

Some kinds of tile are ostensibly more modern than others. Something metallic will always look extremely modern, and so fits perfectly y in a bathroom setting. You also need to think very carefully about colours, some colours are more inherently modern than others too. Silver, black and anything with a metallic finish will lend itself very well to a modern bathroom space.

Some tiles are known as “feature” tiles. These tiles punch above their weight in terms of aesthetic and visual impact. You might not use exclusively these feature tiles although a few can make a world of difference.