Growing old does not have to be the bleak eventuality it’s often made out to be, with the right care, strains of old age can be reduced to just small details in an individual’s life. Live in care in particular can provide the elderly with the companionship and independence that is so important for a happy life. For this reason, We provide home care and live in care services as a leading recruiter of social care workers. Read on for a closer look at what the job of a live in care worker entails and whether you have the skills to fit the bill:

What do live in care workers do?

A live in care worker will take on a whole variety of responsibilities related to the care of an elderly or lesser abled individual. The role of a live in care worker is to provide care with compassion and efficiency, whatever tasks may be required. The live in care worker would reside in the home of the client and follow a fully customised program of care, tailor made to suit the needs of the individual. The routine may be a lot more flexible than those who work in a residential home. Your client will not have such strict bed times, meal plans or visiting schedules.

A live in care worker may or may not reside with the client all day and night. Usually care is only required through the daytime, but care will be available ‘out-of-office’ hours in the case of any urgent assistance circumstances. It is important that live in care workers are trusted by the client and family, so the same worker will be in place for as long as possible.

Basic responsibilities range from general domestic tasks to emotional support and may include:

  •         General home cleaning – dusting, hovering, laundry, making the bed
  •         Meal planning
  •         Grocery shopping
  •         Organising payment of bills
  •         Driving client around or assisting use of public transport
  •         Helping client with personal care (bathing, hair care, oral hygiene)
  •         Assisting with pet care
  •         General companionship
  •         Taking client on social outings, to community clubs, church or to visit friends and family

For cases of complex care, the responsibilities vary even more so and include:

  •         Care for the terminally ill
  •         Care for those with serious dementia or severe memory loss
  •         Care for those with diabetes
  •         Care for those who have periods of anxiety, agitation or frustration
  •         Care for those following an operation
  •         Care for immobile clients

What skills do live in care workers need?

With so many different responsibilities to keep up with, the CV of a care worker is often varied. They will need to have excellent time management, organisational and interpersonal skills and have a kind and caring character. It is an advantage for the care worker to be outgoing and friendly with good spoken and written communication and is vital that they are team player.

A Level 2 NVQ in Care is a desirable qualification for an aspiring live in care worker.

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