The wish to care for children is something universal. All around the world there is that driving instinct to care for the next generation. Perhaps you have that instinct? Maybe the perfect career for you is to become a nanny.

Being a nanny has lots of great benefits. Not only do you become instrumental in a child’s welfare and development but there are many professional rewards too. Live-in nannies often live rent free, which means they aren’t beholden to often very high inner city rents.

If you are a nanny you aren’t limited to working in your own country, not by any means. There is actually a high demand for nannies all around the world, especially in countries like Russia, where English language skills are very desirable.

An English nanny can have a wonderful professional and personal experience in a country like Russia. Russia is now a country where many families are affluent, prepared to invest serious sums of money on their child’s development and one important aspect of this is language skills.

The rewards for working in a country like Russia can be very good indeed, not only on the professional level but also on the personal level. A city like Moscow is a very modern, exciting city. Not only does it now enjoy a Western kind of cosmopolitanism but also a touch of exoticism and mystery – the ideal place to explore.

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