When people set up as driving instructors, it is imperative that they source suitable insurance. If they do not have the correct driving instructor insurance, they risk financial disaster and they may also find themselves in trouble with the law.

A recent case involving an instructor from Darlington highlighted the importance of this issue. According to a report in the Northern Echo, Alan Taylor pleaded guilty to driving without insurance when he appeared at his local magistrates’ court last month.

The 51-year-old had been driving an uninsured car back from a garage when he was stopped by offices carrying out routine checks.Because of the incident, he faces losing his job. As district judge Kristina Harrison noted, the minimum number of points awarded for a no insurance offence is six. Meanwhile, the Driving Standards Agency has the power to revoke a driving instructor’s permit to teach learner drivers if they collect six or more points on their licence.

Addressing Mr Taylor, judge Harrison said: “Given what you have written here, that you are a driving instructor and could lose your job, I thought it would be worth bringing you back into court to check your policy didn’t cover you for other vehicles.”

However, the instructor confirmed he was not covered to drive the vehicle.

It is now straightforward for people to access instructor insurance and, as long as they know which providers to choose, individuals can benefit from competitive premiums. By finding the right cover, instructors can rest assured they will not fall foul of the law.

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