No matter whether you live alone or have a huge family all living under one roof, making the most of a smaller home will be important. Not only will maximising space ensure that those living there are more comfortable, but the more you do with your space, the more attractive the home will be as a whole.

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From combining dining room, living room, and kitchen into one multi-functional space to simply making far more of your furniture, storage units and other homeware items, there will be many ways to improve the potential of your home without needing to upscale.

One simple way to increase space is to build the storage into your room. Freestanding options will take up a great deal of room and often be ineffectual at storing very specific items. By buying bespoke bookshelves that fit the dimensions of the room perfectly and attaching them to walls, you will not only reduce wasted space and increase storage potential, but you will also improve aesthetics at the very same time.

Whilst the right shelves will make a huge difference, the right furniture will also be needed. Not only will the right furniture fit in perfectly with the dimensions of the room and compliment the storage you have, but the right sofas can also be storage and guest bed all in one.

Finally, never underestimate the potential of basements and lofts. With very little cost or effort, such extra spaces could allow you to achieve far more in your home, and even increase its value at the same time.