Despite vintage fashions now being ubiquitous across the country, in the home, minimalism is still the zenith of style. As such, finding ways to do more with less will undoubtedly make any home more attractive, more practical and more modern.

Yet, achieving a minimalist look can be extremely hard, especially in smaller homes or when you have a budget to stick to. In turn, the majority of individuals will find that, when it comes to minimalism, the right storage solutions will be key.

Whilst knocking through walls may be the preferred option, such renovations can be costly and will not be suitable for all homes. From the structure of the home to the purpose of given rooms, it may well be important to keep walls exactly where they are and, in these circumstances, the right shelving will be invaluable.

Not only will bespoke units store items more effectively, but they will also fit within a room far more precisely, freeing up both floor and wall space, whilst at the same time removing a great deal of clutter. However, even with the right bookcases, individuals may need to utilise under-sofa and under-bed storage, and even perhaps simply throw out items they simply no longer need.

Finally, arranging furniture in the right way will make a huge difference. Simply finding the right furnishings and ensuring that they are laid out in a way that maximises space will undoubtedly have a huge effect on how spacious, and in turn how attractive, any room looks.

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