While it would be difficult to give a straight answer to ‘Who needs a lie detector uk test?’ a possible explanation to this could be ‘every place that lacks trust needs a lie detector test!’ And by this we mean the criminal investigation procedures, infidelity among spouses, and adultery in marriage or teenage behavioral issues. These are just a few instances that are at the top of a long list that lack trust and often need a lie detection test, thanks to the high-stress lifestyle! A lie detector test can be used right from the time when a child lies about his school grades to the time he lies to his boss and finally to his wife for coming late.

What is a Lie Detector Test all about?

Most of us still relate a lie detector test to the criminal procedures but the truth is that this has become quite common over the time, we tell you a few common facts about it:

  • Lie detectors are also known as Polygraphs. These are developed on the basis of hidden signs that humans tend to give away while they are lying. Some most common signs include an increased heart rate, increased breathing rate and increase in sweating while an individual is lying.
  • The price of a lie detector test varies from company to company and is also affected by the level of accuracy desired in the test.
  • There are different methods of lie detection and they use different formats. The most popular method is the Control Question Test where the different responses of an individual are recorded; these are popularly used in criminal investigations. Another popular procedure is the guilty knowledge test.
  • Lie detector test has successfully substituted a number of other methods that were used for extracting truth. Some of these were dubious as well as inhuman like threats or even tortures. And in most of the cases, the truth found by such means was later rejected as well.
  • These tests are performed by examiners who are selected after a strict selection and are fully licensed as well.
  • Some of the most popular issues where these tests are used include:
  • Relationship issues
  • Infidelity tests
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Verification of one’s CV and experience
  • Company’s internal investigations
  • False claim investigations

So the next time you think that you can spot a liar easily by looking at his body language, pause and think again. We are in the 21st century, easy lying, and difficult detection, use a lie detector uk test. So hire a detector now and enjoy benefits of living a tension free life.

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