Although a natural feature, wooden flooring is extremely popular in modern homes. It is particularly suitable in homes which have a large amount of footfall, such as shared housing or family homes. Actually there are all sorts of advantages to having a wooden floor and some possible disadvantages too.

When compared with alternative kinds of flooring such as carpet the benefits of wood flooring become clear. Whilst not necessarily maintenance free, wood flooring can look great with a small amount of maintenance and is resistant to staining etc, which can ruin carpeted floors.

Then there are the aesthetic considerations. Research suggests that homes that have wood floors generally sell for higher prices than homes without. This means that hardwood flooring can genuinely add financial as well as functional value to your property.

It would be a little disingenuous to suggest that it was all advantage and no disadvantage. There are a few possible negatives to installing a wooden floor. For instance, when walking on a wooden floor in socks the surface can be relatively slippery. Also, the cost of wooden floors is generally higher, especially when we’re talking about hardwood – this is because hardwood is considered to be a premium product. Finally, the installation of hardwood wooden floors can take a long time, because the floor must be laid in strips.

Generally speaking though, we can say that the pros outweigh the cons, especially when we consider that a wood floor can last for many, many years in situ.