One of the biggest benefits of wood floors is that they look great. In fact, every piece of wood is unique, the differences might be subtle but they are there, in the rich and beautiful wood grains. It’s this uniqueness that makes hardwood so extra special; however, the look of wood floors can be dramatically altered, with painting.

It is not necessarily common for someone to paint their wood floor; however it used to be a much more widespread practise. Going way back to the 1700s it was actually the norm, so it’s pretty interesting that in modern times we generally prefer the more natural look.

However, painting a wooden floor can create a very striking, beautiful effect and you might want to try it. Here are some tips:

In order to accept a coat of paint the floor has to be made very smooth. Essentially, this means scarifying the floor so that it’s a level playing field.

You’ll also need to clean the floor, otherwise dirt and other particles might ruin the paint job.

As you might imagine painting needs to be a delicate operation. You should apply primer, leave for 24 hours and then you should sandpaper again.

After cleaning the floor for the second time, you can start applying your first coat of paint, ensuring you’re using a brush for an even finish.

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