The pressures of modern life can seriously affect how we act outside of work and not only do many people find that they cannot truly relax when they are at home due to thoughts of work constantly swirling around their head, but with more people working more and more hours, many of us are also finding we simply no longer have the time or energy to do the things we used to.

However, it is not only one’s own hectic schedule that is likely to leave a social life in tatters, but instead it is often the contrasting schedules of friends that are in the same boat that will leave it next to impossible for people to find time to get together.

However, a hectic working life doesn’t have to mean the end of one’s social life and many people will simply need to look at creating new social groups. Whilst one’s peers or current friends may be hard to catch up with on a regular basis, there will be plenty of people in any area with a very similar schedule to yours, and should you feel that your work-life balance has tipped significantly in favour of work, it may well be time to make new friends who not only have similar interests but also similar free time to you.

It is very easy to let long days and the constant pressure of work get on top of you and leave you wanting nothing more than to sit in front of the TV when you get home. However, with the right social network around you, you are likely to find that you are far more energised by actually getting out and reclaiming the social life you once had.

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