It is surprising just how many of us hold on to old friendships out of nothing but a sense of loyalty. Links to the past can be very strong indeed and many people spend time with groups of friends they have little in common with just because they are used to it and because they are the friends that have always been there.

However, whilst no one is suggesting such ties should be severed, it may well be extremely beneficial to meet new people in your area with very similar interests to yourself to ensure that the interests and predilections of your current social group don’t lead you to missing out on certain opportunities or even lead you to feel you have to do certain things you would otherwise try to avoid.

It seems that now is also the perfect time to take control of your social life as, after years of people avoiding too much socialising due to financial concerns, the majority of us are finally feeling comfortable enough to head out and enjoy ourselves on a regular basis, rather than feeling economically duty bound to stay in.

The more people you know, the more chances you will have and therefore even those who are happy with their current social group will benefit a great deal from extending their network of friends and even from creating whole new friendship groups. Taking the time to make friends online will allow one to have a far better chance of finding someone free and willing to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, rather than waiting around for a few specific people to be free.

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