Times are tough for everyone right now and an unfortunate consequence of this is an increase in crime. Opportunistic thefts are on the rise and the workplace is an easy target. Up in the office there are plenty of computers and other valuable electronics. Down in the warehouse there’s plenty of stock that can be sold on for a profit. If it has a resale value then it’s a target.

It’s vitally important to ramp up security. Extra security patrols and CCTV help, but it’s important to remember the basics as well. Those heavy duty roller shutter doors are there for a very good reason. They’re almost impossible to get through. Regular roller shutter maintenance is essential to make sure they’re operating at their best. At the end of the day when everyone heads home, it’s reassuring to know that those doors are working and slammed shut. It means there are no weak points for thieves to target.

Sometimes doors jam and it’s essential to get them fixed right away. It’s really not worth taking a risk. Every business needs to know where to turn for fast and efficient shutter repairs. Get the problem fixed and those doors will provide a vital deterrent.

Thieves like an easy target. Don’t give them a chance in the first place. Do the security basics and make sure all roller shutter doors are in full working order. Keep details to hand of a company offering repair and maintenance service. Those doors can help to prevent break ins.

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