Cat owners know how frequently and unexpectedly cats change their minds. In one moment they are at your side perplexing you to get up so that they can go out. And when you are engrossed in another thing that is cat flap installation at your home, the cats want to come back in.

If this happens at midnight when you were sleeping, then things can be more taxing. Cat flap installations save the owners from such ordeals by their adorable pets and also lets them be more loving cat parents!

Cat flap types:

There are two kinds of cat flaps:

  • The older version is the highly basic type of plastic flap in the door that can be pushed from both inside as well as outside. Though these types of flaps seem to easy to use, these compromise the safety of the house. Moreover, you never know if other cats from the neighbour’s home get inside.
  • The second type of the flaps is magnetic or infrared chip based cat flaps. These are programmable cat flaps that open and close in response to the magnetic or IR chip present on your cat’s collar. When the cat wearing the complementary IR chip approaches the flap, the flap opens and when the cat with the chip goes away, the flap gets locked again. This ensures that only your cat has the control over the flap in your home’s door.

Considerations for cat flap installation:

  • The cat flaps are highly flexible devices that can installed at any suitable location in the home. It can be a door, walls or a window.
  • It is advisable that you install the cat flaps in places that open out to the garden, porch or a sheltered place. This lets your pet feel secure while going out or coming in. You may also place some plant pots, pebbles, rocks and benches where the cat can hide in the exit area.
  • Make sure the flap is at a comfortable height for the cat’s use. The distance between the flat floor surface and your cat’s belly is the ideal height for installing the cat flap on a door, window or wall. If the flap has to be installed a bit higher, make sure some kind of elevation or steps is placed on both the sides to help the animal get through easily.

You can get professional help for cat flap installation, especially if you want to do it on glass doors or walls. Cat flap installations surely let you love your cat more!

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