Want to enjoy your holidays worry free? If your destination is Europe this time, there could not be anything better than an EHIC card that promises to take care of your all kinds of emergencies as a traveller.

This card is the one-stop-safety travel pass that allows you to claim a treatment from any of the 28 member states of the European Union during an emergency, illness or an accident on trips. You can even include your entire travel group under the same benefits provided each of them have a card separately. Remember, your card should be new in all conditions. If it has expired, go for an EHIC card renewal immediately. Want to know how, keep reading.

What is an EHIC card?

No one thinks about the dark sides of an adventurous trip, especially the unwanted expenses that can be easily incurred during unexpected accidental emergencies. And this is exactly where the EHIC card comes to save you from breaking the bank and keep you on top of your budget concerns. If you are jet-setting to visit dream destinations like France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain or Switzerland, just hold the plan because the European jurisdiction will let you stay in any of these member states with a medical claim and not return home until your necessary treatment is over. The card comes with a tall-list of advantages for every cardholder.

Advantages of using this card

Saves a lot of money? If you thought EHIC does just does that, it does way more than that.  Think of a situation where someone from your travel group is suddenly bleeding to death and a lifesaving treatment is all that you need without losing a moment. Bam! Your valid EHIC card can save all the medical formalities for you and get you right under the purview of the state provided healthcare in no time. But if your card is not valid, don’t waste time and go for an EHIC card renewal before you board your flight. However, let’s look for the treatment types under EHIC now.

They are mentioned below…

  • Maternity care
  • Renal dialysis
  • Preexisting
  • Oxygen
  • Other chronic conditions or emergencies

How to renew your EHIC card?

Remember, the EHIC is a card that brings you under the statutory social security scheme of the EEA (European Economic Area) and gives you a smart insurance cover for your anytime emergency treatments either for free or at a very nominal cost. But what if you got an old card that is not valid anymore to cover your claim? Well, if you still got a week’s time from your boarding, go for an EHIC card renewal now. Just visit the official EHIC site and fill the online form correctly. It will not take more than 7 days for your new card to arrive.

In a nutshell, keep all plans about your EHIC card at the top of your bucket list when you plan for your seamless European holidays that can cover your anytime accidental claims, no matter how critical the matter is. Remember, your EHIC card doesn’t substitute your private health insurance benefits. So, be sure to carry both of them when you want to travel safely. So, get ready to kick-start your trip as travelling safely with an EHIC card was never so easy before.

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