When we’re discussing motorcycle clothing sometimes it can seem as though a modicum of comfort is sacrificed for the aim of safety. Of course, the paramount thing is that motorcycle clothing affords protection, however comfort is also a key factor. In fact, comfort is inextricably linked to protection and uncomfortable clothing can lead to on-the-road-distractions and even increase the likelihood of accidents happening. Comfort is one of the most important considerations when you’re choosing motorcycle gloves specifically. High quality motorbike gloves should increase rider comfort in all weathers, during blistering sunshine and colder periods. You can get special summer gloves, which are lighter and so don’t cause overheating, a possible source of discomfort.

If your gloves aren’t comfortable then this can reduce your effectiveness as a rider. Gloves should not significantly undermine your ability to ride and you should be able to exert close control on your bike. If gloves affect your dextrousness then they could actually increase the chances that you have an accident.

Gloves are also an important means of protection. When riders come off their bikes their hands can often contact the road. Without rugged gloves this could lead to some very nasty injuries and abrasions. With this in mind, your gloves should be made of tough materials like leather or textiles.When you buy gloves you need to consider a few things: fitting, the kind of driver you are, the time of year and the type of surfaces to tend to ride on.

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