It’s generally the case that there are digital equivalents of many analogue systems. One obvious example of this are analogue archives compared to digital archives. What are the advantages here? There are many: digital archives take up much less space, they can be copied and backed-up and they can be accessed much more quickly and easily.

Archives are a kind of record keeping. Record keeping is very important for all sorts of reasons, including legal reasons. Businesses are required to keep records of all sorts of different things, financial information, payroll etc.

There are many benefits to going electronic or digital with record keeping:


You can integrate record keeping with various other technologies, for instance if you do online health and safety training or health and safety induction this can be integrated with your digital records, thereby creating a seamless connection between process and record.


Of course electronic records are more efficient than analogue or paper documents. One result of this is that information can be much more easily accessed for whatever reason, for instance if you’re locating important legal information or information pertaining to employees records.


Electronic systems are fundamentally more durable. There are a few reasons for this. One is that parts of the database can’t be lost, such as parts of a paper database can be. Obviously electronic information can be copied and stored off site.

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