The fast paced, action packed game of handball has players trying to score goals by throwing the ball into the other team’s net and involves body contact where defenders try to block attackers from scoring a goal. A handball player should be light on their feet and be able to move and change direction on a whim. Agility and speed are the key in this game, so to get the best out of the game, the right equipment and sportswear should be worn.

It is common for 20 to 30 goals are scored per game, usually after a failed goal attempt by the other team so fast break is needed to get the ball away from the opposition as quickly as possible. The fastest performing court shoe by Mizuno, the Wave Stealth 2 offers support and cushioning all around the foot, giving the player the stability and comfort needed for the twisting and flexing nature of the foot during the game. Mizuno trainers, even though offering the security and extra padding remain light and breathable yet durable to see you through game after game. The rubber soles increase grip on the court, essential when running and changing direction at speed.

Mizuno don’t just do fantastic performance footwear but excellent sportswear too. With knitted or woven track suits, your team will look stylish yet be wearing functional gear. With the zipper hems for the easy on and off function, the tracksuits are perfect for wearing courtside and staying warm when you’re not playing.

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