Motorcycle boots aren’t just an iconic fashion accessory and they’re also instrumental to ensuring the safety of motorcycle riders. Without suitable motorcycle boots your feet can be exposed to potentially serious injury. In fact, the extremities are particularly vulnerable to injury and need to be protected by gloves and boots.

If you’re buying online it is particularly important to think carefully about the size. One of the possible downsides with buying online is that you’re not able to try the boots on. However, hopefully you’ll be buying boots from a merchant who offers detailed sizing information as well as a returns policy.

There are various different kinds of motorcycle boots available and so you need to think carefully about the style. Obviously, a boot that covers more of the leg will offer more compressive protection. You should ideally be looking for shin protection, and you can also get boots that protect the calf.

On a related point, you need to look at the build quality of the boots. Again, when buying online it is a little harder to assess the build quality of boots, and this is why testimonials, reviews and detailed product descriptions are very useful. You should be looking at the leather that is used, how the soles are constructed (i.e. Weather
They’re sewn on or glued on,) plus lots of other features.

Don’t base your choice of boots on looks and protection is the primary aim; however, you will obviously want to choose boots that are well branded and visually attractive.

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