There are lots of factors that combine to make your motorbike and your motorbike attire safe and great to ride. Everything from your motorbike boots to the performance and age of your motorbike matters, right down to your motorbike tyres. But what are the aims of motorcycle tyres specifically?


Tyres can greatly affect the comfort of riders. Unlike driving in a car when you’re on a motorbike you can really feel your tyres and how they grip onto the surface. Your ride may become more uncomfortable as its tread wears down. To check the tread on your tyres you can use a coin: insert the coin into the tyre tread and if you can still see the head on the coin it’s time to change the tyres.


Different kinds of tyres can dramatically affect the handling and performance of your bike. For example, tyres that are made from soft composites will produce more traction with the ground but not last as long. For harder composites the opposite is the case.


When your tyres become too worn or if you opt for tyres that aren’t appropriate you might begin to endanger your safety. Without sufficient tread your bike loses traction with the ground and therefore accidents become more common. For example if you were to install non radial tyres on a sports bike you would undermine its overall performance and therefore affect its safety.

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