In this tech-era, when almost everything is dependent on electricity, the electric toothbrushes are in the race with the mainstream manual toothbrushes. The creation of electric toothbrushes created a stir in the society and the debate is still going on as to whether the manual ones are more effective than the electrical ones. The electric toothbrushes are known for the automation of bristle motions as well as rotation and oscillation. The automation either is carried on with a motor that creates the sonic or near sonic speed. Inductive charging is used for the rechargeable battery.

Before addressing the question, “what is the best electric toothbrush?” let’s have a look at its features and utility –

Sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes

With 200-400 Hertz frequency, the Sonic toothbrushes can ensure around 24-48 thousand movements in every minute with high amplitude movement in sweeping motion.

The ultrasonic toothbrushes provide minimum 240000 movements. While considering what is the best electric toothbrush, these low amplitude toothbrushes come at the first position. Their high vibration is powerful enough to disengage any bacterial chain that causes dental plaque. Moreover, brushing with these toothbrushes diminish the scope of bacterial attachment from the surface of the tooth to 5 millimetres below the gum line.  

How to choose from electric toothbrushes?

While many users decide to stick to the manual toothbrushes, the electric toothbrush with its exciting features and ability puts you in a win-win situation.

Various options available

  • Just like manual ones, the electric toothbrushes too come in different sizes, heads and bristles. The size can be chosen according to the size of the mouth or teeth while the bristle options vary from medium to soft. According to the sensitivity of gums, the users can select the bristles.
  • Another plus point is that the heads of the electric toothbrushes can be easily replaced when it wears away, unlike the manual ones where the users have to discard the brush altogether to buy a new one. The electric toothbrushes allow easy adjusting of the shape of the head and the bristles.    

Electric toothbrushes ensure proper teeth cleaning

What is the best electric toothbrush? –the question is mostly addressed by those users who have weak teeth and who lack in brushing their teeth properly. Users mostly ignore the proper technique of brushing that says the teeth should be lightly brushed in short strokes back and forth so as not to hurt the gums.

The in-built 2-minute brushing timer setting of electric brushes ensure proper brushing in vibrating oscillations that removes plaques even from the deepest crevasses. The result is seen after 2-3 months of using.   

Longevity and price

The manual toothbrushes are known to be cheap but they are not long-lasting, regarding the fact that they need to be replaced with new ones in every 3-5 months for effectiveness. The Electric ones, on the other hand, are a bit costly but they last for  years. Moreover, while the manual ones can be used by only one user, the electric one can be used by many as the heads are removable after use.

With the buzzing timers and interpretative icons on the LCD display brushing experience with electric toothbrushes are enjoyable. Various intensity-level cleaning modes, pressure sensors and the ultrasound indicators are the highlights in ensuring proper brushing.  

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