For some people work isn’t just about their main job role and working their minimum contracted hours. They want to contribute a little bit more. They enjoy the working environment, feel valued and respected by management and want to contribute whatever extra they can. These are the people who revel in additional responsibilities and help out wherever they can.

New volunteers for first aid training are always welcome. These are the people who help to make the workplace safer for everyone. Responsible businesses put robust safety systems in place, but even with safeguards like training and risk assessment programmes, accidents can and do happen. When they do, people are so glad that the departmental first aider is on hand to help out.

Anyone can sign up for first aid training courses. Candidates don’t need any prior skills or knowledge. Just a willingness to learn something new. Training programmes can take a total novice and over time turn them into a first aid expert who becomes an extremely valuable asset to their employer.

Training courses mix theory and practical and delegates come back to work with new skills that they can put into practice right away. Hopefully they won’t have to use them too often, but it’s reassuring to know that trained first aiders are on standby just in case. Accidents can and do happen. When disaster strikes first aiders help contain the situation and stop it from getting worse. Training is hugely rewarding and helps to build confidence too. Why not sign up?

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