Most of the time we let the waste water from our kitchens and bathrooms run away without giving it any thought. But if you get a blockage or other obstruction, your drain becomes a pain. And it isn’t always cheap to put right.

A regular drain cleaning process will ward off issues before they arise. And you don’t have to wait until you get a serious blockage to use a professional drain cleaning service.

There are more ways to do the job than you may have realised. Here are some of them:

Drain Jetting

This uses water at high pressure to force out the nasties from your drains. It’s effective and can prolong the quality and integrity of your drainpipes, since all dirt and grime is flushed away – not just the single blockage. Regular use of a professional high pressure drain cleaner will lessen how many future blockages you will end up having to sort out.

Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

If tree roots become embedded in drainage system, they can cause problems. Electro-mechanical cleaning uses a drainage rod with a rotating blade, inserted into the pipes. Obstructions are loosened without any damage to pipes. Cleaning can be done in minutes.

Tanker Cleaning

This is a way of cleaning sewage systems, using 50 gallons of water a minute. (Taken from a different supply to the customer’s.) It’s a similar process to jet cleaning, although on a bigger scale.

If you’re looking for drain jetting London has several professional providers to choose from. Use a firm offering fixed rates quoted by an engineer, with no congestion or callout charges on your bill. The Internet makes a good starting point.

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