Electrical safety is an issue that firms must take seriously. Thankfully, it’s now straightforward for organisations to access electrical inspection services and by bringing experts in to get their appliances and fixed wiring checked, they can minimise the risk that problems will arise.

Highlighting the dangers associated with electrical systems, a report in the Liverpool Echo has revealed that an electrical fire recently broke out at a Merseyside restaurant as firefighters tackled a second blaze at a junction box nearby.

The restaurant was connected to the electricity supply of the junction box. Firefighters had to contact Scottish Power, which isolated the electricity along the road.Meanwhile, This is Lancashire reported on a separate incident at a property in Rawtenstall. The news source stated that an electrical fault had caused a fire in a kitchen.

Watch manager Steve Harrison from Burnley Fire Station said: “It was quite a difficult fire to tackle because it involved and electricity supply. It was quite dangerous for the firefighters, but we managed to get it to a controllable level and got the electricity company out to completely kill it.”Luckily, no one was injured in either blaze. However, the fires did cause property damage.

To minimise the risk of electrical fires, it’s vital that organisations make sure their appliances and systems are safe and are kept in a good state of repair. To help them achieve this, bosses can take advantage of electrical testing services.As well as helping to reduce dangers to both people and property, these services can boost managers’ peace of mind.

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