Wood flooring can look great in all different kinds of home, be they modern or traditional. There are a few kinds of wood flooring to choose from, such as laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. Solid wood floors are genuinely considered to be the best quality and the most durable, as you might imagine these benefits come at a price.

If you’re choosing solid hardwood floors then there are  a few things to consider. Thankfully, because of the internet buying wood floors is not only cheaper but it’s much easier than ever. You’ll also find lots of advice online in regards to floor installation and maintenance.

One of the first things you need to think about is exactly how much flooring your living space requires. It is obviously very important to get an accurate figure here as you might end up wasting wood and wasting money. Professional floor fitters will know how to accurately measure a room and install a floor with minimal wastage. If measuring yourself, measure the total amount of square metres in a room and round up to the nearest square metre.

Installing the floor is obviously a very difficult, technical task and so you might want a professional to help you here.  You can of course choose the finish for your wood floor, which will influence performance and aesthetics. There are lots of options in terms of finishes, such as oiled floors, unfinished floors or lacquered floors.