It’s now easier than ever for diving enthusiasts to head to some of the world’s best locations for underwater exploration. Of course, before they embark on their adventures, it’s crucial that they take out suitable scuba travel insurance to help protect their wellbeing and their finances.

Meanwhile, if individuals need some inspiration when it comes to dive sites, they can turn to the experts.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, John Bantin, author of Amazing Diving Stories, identified some of the planet’s greatest dives. One location on his list was the Bahamas. About the area, he said: “If you like to get close to sharks, New Providence in the Bahamas is the place to go. The dive operators sometimes feed the sharks on one of the many wrecks especially sunk for the benefit of divers, which gives an interesting and unusual background to the event.”

Also making the cut was Bali. He noted that one of the most popular dive sites in Bali is the Second World War wreck of the USS Liberty, which is now almost entirely a coral reef and is home to hundreds of bump-headed parrot fish.

Another of the destinations identified by Mr Bantin was the British Virgin Islands. He claimed the islands have some “stupendous locations for scuba enthusiasts”, including the burnt-out wreck of the MV Chikusen.

Florida was also given the thumbs up. About this location, the expert noted that there are hundreds of wrecks that have been purposely put in to form a barrier against coastal erosion and these are now home to “all manner of marine life, including turtles and wreck fish”.

With their diving travel insurance in place, people can head off to these destinations, and many more like them.