Whether they dive beneath the waves for fun or on a professional basis, individuals need scuba dive insurance.

One woman who should know all about this is Pat Fung. The 75-year-old has proved age is no barrier to getting stuck into underwater activities like this. She is on course to become one of the oldest people in the UK to qualify as a scuba-diving instructor.

Ms Fung is an active member of the Bristol branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club and she didn’t take up the sport until she was 68 and on holiday in the Maldives. She now wants to take part in an instructor’s foundation course so that she can pass her skills onto people who are new to the activity.

Describing her passion for the sport, she said: “I love the feeling of weightlessness and to be able to explore something you would not normally experience. I love the marine life you are privileged to glimpse, especially in warm waters, but wreck diving around the UK is wonderful too and so exciting.”

She added that as she was “hooked” as soon as she tried scuba diving under the encouragement of her husband Iggy. Ms Fung went on to note: “Since then I have managed around 400 warm-water dives when we have been abroad.”

When people head off on holidays like this, it is crucial that they secure suitable scuba diving insurance cover to help protect their finances and their wellbeing. Knowing they have the right policy in place can also afford them greater peace of mind.