Not all scuba diving will be the same. Not only will certain areas of the world offer a far more diverse range of marine life to view or many wrecks to explore, but even what is offered in the surrounding area and how warm the waters are will be extremely different from one location to the next.

For example, for those who love to dive but love to experience other thrills at the same time, visiting the Costa del Sol might be a surprisingly good choice. Whilst it is often famed more as being a magnet for sun-worshipping Brits than it is for its quality scuba diving, it has a huge range of great locations on offer that will give individuals access to very rewarding dives and far more. For instance, diving in Nerja will allow you to spend any number of days exploring the ocean and your days off on the ski slopes just an hour’s drive away. Few locations in the world have such a great climate as to offer sea sports and snow sports at the very same time.

South Africa is the perfect location for those who would like to see some bigger marine life and dive near a whole array of sharks, whilst those wishing for laidback après-diving may prefer the likes of Polynesia or The Maldives.

No matter which location you ultimately choose, you will need to make sure you have the right scuba diving insurance cover to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality. Specialist scuba dive insurance will be vital, but if you plan to carry out other sports whilst you are away, make sure your insurance is topped up to cover these too.