Work might not strike the average employee as being particularly dangerous. What could possibly go wrong here? But even in an environment that seems benign, like an office for example, there are still risks and hazards that workers need to be aware of.

Responsible organisations work tirelessly to put robust safety systems in place. They educate employees to help raise awareness about safety matters, carry out regular risk assessments of both people and buildings and then act upon this data to make sure potential hazards are minimised.

Even then things can and do go wrong. A zero harm environment might be the goal of the safety team, but rarely does that happen. Thankfully in each building or department there are volunteers who have undertaken first aid training. These are the people who make work safer for everyone else, because when accidents happen they’re ready to step in and help out.

Anyone can sign up for first aid courses. Training programmes can take complete beginners and turn them into first aid experts over time. It’s a great way to acquire new skills and build confidence.

Good courses mix theory with elements of the practical. Even after just a day spent away from the office, people will come back armed with new skills, interventions and techniques that they can use if required.

Safety at work is hugely important. There are still far too many accidents in the workplace. Thankfully, should disaster strike, first aiders are on hand to step in and help out.