Many unscrupulous guys are always on the lookout to steal costly things from the building construction sites. They cause heavy losses to the owners and the contractors. As such foolproof building site security is a must. Owners of buildings under construction may not be able to see that their belongings remain safe at the sites. Same is true with the contractors as they are the busiest guys. It is the entities that specialise in ensuring overall security of the building sites that employ dedicated security staff apart from taking other feasible steps.

Tips for complete security – Those interested in total building site security should think of creating a feasible security plan before commencement of the project. They should seek assistance from senior security personnel that may suggest writing the security policy for the buildings under construction. It is suggested to assign the responsibilities to the security officers and the sub-staff that should be held responsible to see that nothing goes wrong with the project. They should create a feeling of security awareness among all concerned. It is recommended to liaise with the local fire and police department and also contact the neighbouring property owners that may be requested to give info about the suspicious actions on the part of the thieves etc.

Overall construction site security can be ensured by creating a strong fencing around the boundaries of the site. It is good to limit the movement of vehicles inside the construction site as few bad minded people may enter the place and steal valuable items from there. It is suggested to make viable arrangements for parking that may be created outside the construction sites.

Employees and subcontractors etc should be asked to make the construction site a secure place and protect it from any losses by the thieves or other unscrupulous guys. The security guards should be instructed to patrol around the site in an interrupted and careful manner.

The building owners and construction contractors should seek the services of security companies that make use of portable alarm systems at the sites that are much helpful to prevent the possible temperature extremes, motion, flood or fire etc. These systems go a long way in alarming the security staff about the possible vandalism. Likewise, installation of video monitoring system is also much helpful to avoid entry of unwanted vehicles often used by the thieves. Use of the modern electronic tools may also be made as regards complete building site security.

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